Porto AlegreiMANIFESTO, 2008

This work is a series of happenings in the form of a lecture that took place between 2007 and 2008 during 6 months in different houses of shows, small theaters and bars of the city of Porto Alegre, Brasil.

In this temporal circuit, it was presented the reading of the iMANIFESTO that proposes to be an “anti-manifesto” since it’s not an attempt to organize a set about the production of a collective of artists that works in similar fields or directions. The basic text treats of the emergent phenomenon of a spontaneous poetic form from global human culture. The iMANIFESTO tries to name a deliberate phenomena of the culture already under way. It doesn’t have the intention to start a production foundation guided by it – as are the cases of “manifestos” generally within the history of art or other practices. The iMANISFEST is rather an end point or a comma within an unconscious or subconscious current movement of culture and not an initial tip-leg of a movement oriented towards future productions. It is an observation of the past, more than impulse to the future, although it main substance is the newborn digital culture and generation and rises questions about it’s intentions and essence.

In this case, the focused phenomenon was the abrupt rise of the letter “i" and its expansion into the global noosphere of digital culture – directly influenced by the launch of the most successful product of capitalist humanity: the iPhone. In this context and time, the letter "i” emerges as a global phenomenon that transcends the dimensions of what we culturally understand as a meme, giving the letter the status of an “emergent collective poem," a universal, market emerged at that time in different parts of the world at the same time through mass products: iPhone, iGlass, iCar, iGoogle, iPad, etc.

João Mognon places himself here not as creator but as a catalyst that, through observation, points and delimits domains of poetic emergence through the recognition and presentation of patterns. This expression of minimal poetry is, in fact, the emergence of the "i” as one of the defining signs of the internet era and the information revolution – as well as pointing to the emergence and naming of the post-object in our current digital era.

To check the recording of the iMANIFESTO reading click on the URL below.


João Cavalcanti fazendo a leitura de seu iManifesto no Teatro Porto de Elis em 2007.