Serpentine Gallery, LondonA Report on Freedom, 2013

The term NORMCORE, presented to the world for the first time in this report-performance and quoted in more than 5,000 articles around the world between 2013 and 2014, was among the finalists of the Oxford Dictionary’s “Word of the Year”. That year, the Word of the Year chosen was “Vape” – designating the act of smoking the then new e-cigarettes.

This piece was A Report on Freendom, a trend study investigating future perspectives on freedom from the perspective of the young generation (18 to 24 years) of that period. The work uses the language of trend reports that have become commonplace to the corporate world around the globe in recent decades. These reports are instruments for decoding the “indecipherable” young cultures.

Using the language of these reports, the work parodies the analytical language type by raising contemporary signs and relevant gems of the global culture at that time. The project launched at the Serpentine Gallery on behalf of the 89plus Marathon event (curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets) in October 2013 through a performance-presentation. The piece was crafted as a project conducted by João Mognon, BOX1824 – his trends and behavior research institute – and the New York collective K-Hole.

The piece can be found in Portuguese on the site of the institute BOX1824 or in English at the link below.

digital document & live presentation